Why Buy From Us?

So what are CH751 locks?

     Alongside other locks, the CH751 is an extremely common and inexpensive lock that manufactures use to save money, but at the cost of security. These common locks can be found in recreational vehicles, boats, small planes, tool boxes, desks, cabinets, display cases, gas pumps, and so many other products that use cam locks.

What are your options?

     1. Do nothing. This option is actually not a bad one if the lock(s) you are thinking of replacing is seldom used to store items with no value. Keep in mind that peace of mind comes with a price.

     2. Rekey your lock(s) with your local locksmith. Keep in mind that rekeying doesn't necessarily mean you are secure, it means that you have less of a chance of being broken into.

     3. Buy new lock(s). Higher security locks can be found all over the internet but buyer beware.

     -  Buying locks at a local hardware store is most likely sold with only a few key combinations that a local in your city or town probably already bought.

     - Buying locks on Amazon, eBay or any other website may seem ideal but these sellers don’t tell you is how many key code combinations do they have, how many times have they sold that same code to another customer, or the how good is the quality they are selling you.

Why choose us as your lock supplier?

     1. We custom build each lock by scratch from the best materials from around the world.

     2. We can custom cut and bend each cam (locking arm/tab) to the buyers demands.

     3. We have been storing each customer’s assigned key combination for future reference since the 90’s.

     4. We offer 9000+ key combinations for the tubular cam locks and 200+ key combinations for the disc tumbler locks.